Thursday, August 28, 2014

The New Stalins

When Bill Burroughs said there would be no more Stalins, I don't think he had social media & the intertubes in mind. Granted the people using the relatively new communication portals are indeed finding themselves intheir positions quite by accident but nowadays people are finding they can silence or 'disappear' a person with the tap of a button. It's almost like something out of a 1960s British science fiction movie.
People try having forummers deleted due to their profile pictures. If admins won't do it the offended appeal to their corporate gods. People are and their posts picked off by admins who make unilateral decisions in the blink of an eye without consulting their co-administrators.
When forum programmers built in safety devices to promote 'civil discussion', they created a whole new class of censors who could, anonymously, act as cyber terrorists against whomever they disagreed with.
Just in recent weeks I have seen so many immature, knee jerk attacks here and there by administrators, against administrators and between forummers - it's making my head spin.

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