Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Are Boom Gates the Answer ?

As Cincinnatians are complaining about motorists speeding down neighborhood streets & blowing through red lights and stop signs, perhaps boom gates, usually seen at railroad crossings, be an effective way to slow down motorists and actually make them stop at intersections?
Since Luminaries like Chris Smitherman, Dale Mallory & the fine folks at CO    have fought hard to make traffic monitoring electronics near impossible, maybe this is what we need to do. It would be expensive setting up the network but it would still be cheaper than stationing police officers everywhere 24 hours a day in running police cruisers.
The gates can run on solar nowadays so no pesky wiring is needed. The gates would also have to be low enough to stop recumbent bike riders. But they could also be placed along long stretches of road just to slow down the impatient motorists.
oh, what the hell, the cage jockeys would just slam through the dang things….

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