Wednesday, November 05, 2014

The Big Plan

Illuminati? Neo-Nazis? The Crusades? New World Order?
check,check,check, and check
So, this Golden Dawn guy says of the ebola outbreak in Africa
"Once in a while the papers report some good news, splendid news actually. Spread of Ebola wiping out whole villages and communities in Africa – I mean, what more does one want?"
Eliminating the inferior is always a good thing for the master race.
And what about this ebola epidemic?
It appears that it's a man made plot to depopulate the world so as to conserve the planet's resources for a transhuman Illuminati super race.
This measure is proposed as a measure to help the creation of a planet inhabited by ‘immortal’ superhumans, using scientific and technological movements such as transhumanism.
In addition, the chairman’s alleged words also talk of enslaving humanity to ‘classical wage labour’, continuing a system of mass production and mass consumption and the allocation of wealth.
I, for one, being a member of the master race, can't wait to be an immortal transhuman with a bunch of slaves.
and sexbots….

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