Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Culture of Lies

We are fortunate to have these truth tellers when the world is awash with ridiculous lies and fabrications of the Illuminati, CO   , & their alien overlords.
Folks, the MSM won't tell you this but every one of man's forays into space has been thwarted by the aliens that orbit the earth in cloaked flying saucers.
Just think for a minute MSM in numerology winds up being the number 9. Remember the Beatles song, "Revolution #9"? That was Paul McCartneys alien doppleganger trying to warn us - The Revolution WILL be Televised, but it won't be the real revolution, that's going to be broadcast in subliminal messages.
Can we wait for the reanimation, Walt Disney, master of the ancient sciences, Magick, to be revived from his cryogenically frozen state to lead us into victory over the dark forces that stand to engulf us and ultimately reduce 9/10 of the human race into being nothing more than slave batteries?
The time is now to immanentize the eschaton and take our rightful destiny.

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