Monday, November 03, 2014

Winburn v. Thomas

wotta show. Dan Hurley hosts Chas Winburn & Cecil Thomas on Halloween.
Winburn is, as usual, full of bluster, strange factoids and a bizarre notion that he is a qualified a Republicrat.
Thomas seems to grasp that the state legislature is not a city council but I am not so sure Winburn grasps this.
The claims of who Cranley supports is semi bizarre as is Winburn's claims of creating 4,400 jobs in 12 months. Economic Development Zones in Cincinnati was pretty much a corrupt failure, no idea why Winburn wants to re-invent them. His dismissal of JobsOhio is fairly incredible.
I really expected this to be a complete wash and, while Thomas isn't a great candidate, he clearly is better than the Windbag.
So I guess Winburn will be the hands down fovorite in the Bizarro world of SWOH politics.

The WKRC circus here

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