Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Clever GOP

Instead of leading with bold ideas embracing liberty, the Ohio GOP is, instead, being clever in imposing it's self interests onto the state.
Traffic monitoring cameras are OK if you don't use them.
Women's health clinics are OK if you can jump through enough hoops and hit constantly moving targets.
Their legislation is bloody and will result in many deaths, mutilations and ruined lives. The anti abortion efforts will result in more women dying of cancer, a spread in sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted children growing up dysfunctional and winding up in a world of insanity, vice & drugs. Their deluded efforts to thwart the use of cheap technology will squander the talents of highly trained police officers, & lead to potentially dangerous car chases. The lack of traffic enforcement will lead to more mayhem on the streets with motorists losing control of their vehicles while operating them at irrational & illegal speeds. Pedestrians, cyclists (motor & manual) and other motorists will routinely be T-boned and killed, maimed & crippled.
They can pat each other on the back and cheer their cleverness but those drinks they are toasting with might as well be blood.

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