Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Divided Council ?

How do Cincinnati voters fix a divided city council ? Easy, they re-elect it's most divisive members and toss in the village idiot. When people say Cincinnati gets what it deserves because of the governments it elects, our new council is a shining example. Did voters think the Windbag was going to anoint us with cash ? Did they find Harris' honesty & pragmatism frightening? Why in the world were Cole & Ghiz returned to office? Those two would do better on a radio program.
Harris, Murray, Watson, Young or Zamary - heck my neighbor's yapping bitch, Chelsea were more qualified than Winburn & more likely to play well with others than Ghiz or Cole (especially Chelsea).
Well, don't blame me.


CityKin said...

Don't know the neighbor's dog, but I agree with you. Winburn is the most annoying personality in politics.

Quimbob said...

Chelsea is ok - she always keeps apprised of when the mailman is coming.