Saturday, November 07, 2009

I have heard that Daytonistas prefer the soap opera of Cincinnati politics to their own for the sheer drama. Tremont City can't be far behind.
In a heated mayoral race, David Shaw was elected mayor 86-69. Now the town council has sued to have him removed from office for not being a resident. He is, actually a resident, for now, at least. Earlier in the year he had petitioned with the county to have his home property removed from the city. The county approved but there were some paperwork errors and the petition had to get sent through the Clark County bureaucratic maze again. The result is that Shaw was a resident when he got elected but he won't be in a couple weeks & he knew he wouldn't be eventually. or he has amnesia. Or maybe it's a dream. Or maybe there is an evil twin running around.
Could be one of the shorter lame duck administrations out there.

Full story at the Noose-Son here

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