Tuesday, November 03, 2009


First time I voted was in my old high school. Ran into my last social studies teacher. He was all smiles. We hated each other when I was in his class.
The second time I voted was in a Catholic elementary school. The nuns all told me how good it was to see me again. I had never set foot in the building in my life. Rents razed me Prezbo.
First time I voted in Cincinnati was in some guy's house. He looked like Paul Reubens on a bender. He had everything set up in his lounge. It was all red with an aquarium motif. You signed in at the bar.
I lived less than a mile from my boss for a few years. I ran into him voting one time. I said, hi & told him I was going to go cancel out his ballot. He said, hunh ?
The accursed corporate parties in control of the HamCoBOE force me to vote over a mile away in another neighborhood rec center that is as far away as my own neighborhood's rec center. Couple elections back I was walking up the hill (the entire trip is uphill) in the rain feeling sorry for myself and a fella came up behind me. He was walking to Hamilton with a garbage bag full of clothes on his back & $5 in his pocket. I didn't feel so bad & I cast my vote for Ron Paul.
Why would anybody vote absentee ?

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