Friday, November 27, 2009

Terrorist ?

Folks are wrestling over whether Nidal Hasan is a terrorist or not. He seems to be a deeply disturbed man who has gotten all tangled up in his religion. Any religion can get abusive (or abused). Israel Regardie cautioned practitioners of magick to keep a firm grip & be ready to seek psychological counseling in their ventures into the mystic. Shame that isn't suggested for mainstream religions.
Anyway, as people try to compare Hasan's actions to folks like Tim McVeigh & even the Heaven's Gate group, I think a better comparison would be Matthew Murray, the guy who shot up a Christian Missionary school in Colorado. He was raised in an abusive religion that is arguably Christian. He was raised as a Gothardite. When the Method Men gave Bill Gothard the boot, a high ranking official in the church said that Gothard was definitely not teaching Methodistism & he wasn't sure if it was even Christianity that he was teaching.
While Murray rejected and turned on his old religion, Hasan turned on a rival religion, influenced by notions of his religions idea of Jihad. in the end, both guys lost it and just killed people. their insanity led them to objectify their victims along religious lines. It's not terrorism.

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