Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Knowing When to Quit

HAHAHA ! No - not me. I'm the proverbial blind, 3 legged, Energizer jackalope from Hell !
Over at the Fishwrap, they have an article about the latest police fatality in Cincinnati. It's the first since 2007. Apparently, a young guy got pulled over in his car for a traffic violation and he hopped out of the car holding a firearm & took off on foot. After running into a dead end, a confrontation with police resulted with the guy being shot to death. This all took place around a busy intersection in a kind of suburban / industrial area. There wasn't any real good place to hide. The area is very accessible by car so zillions of police could have been on the scene in minutes. The kid had nowhere to go.
At last look, The Fishwrap had about 400 comments. The MAJORITY were deleted. The remaining comments were ignorant, lotsa race baiting & one fella even expressed that he was "doing the suburban happy dance". I like readers comments. I like that technology allows for more readers comments. I am not interested in the comments of pro op-ed columnists at the WSJ. I am interested in real working folks ideas. I am against censorship, but when the majority of comments on one article are censored and the remaining comments offer no value, isn't there a point where you just shut down the comments on a particular story ? Especially one where a young'n just died ? I am assuming his parents are reading. As I write this, the guy's name has not been released. Any parent whose son hasn't come home might be wondering.
yeah, I know, I just posted about letting "assholes" speak, but when you have, like, 300 snarky anonymous posts deleted & another 100 snarky anonymous posts left posted, it just becomes counter-productive.

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