Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bicycle Improvements in Northside / Spring Grove Village

Or is it Clifton ?
Just got this from the folks at MoBo:
The City is considering two potential projects that would impact Northside cyclists. Before we move forward on either project, we need to know whether or not cyclists think they would be helpful. The City will not move forward unless they receive positive feedback from cyclists.
1. Bike Corral on Lingo Street: Proposal - The metered motor vehicle parking spot immediately before the stop sign on Lingo Street (facing Hamilton) would be converted to a bike “corral” that would hold 8-12 bicycles. Question – Would cyclists use this corral, or is it too far away from Hamilton? (A corral cannot be installed on Hamilton itself because of the peak-hour parking restrictions.)
2. Loop Detector Pavement Marking on Clifton Ave: Proposal – A bicycle pavement marking would be installed over the loop detector on Clifton Ave at the Spring Grove intersection (by the Kroger). The pavement marking shows cyclists where to position their bike in order to change the traffic signal to green. Question – Do cyclists have difficulty triggering this traffic signal when making a left turn onto Spring Grove
Please send feedback to Melissa McVay.

I actually suggested the Lingo bike coral awhile ago, after seeing an article about it on UrbanCincy, so, duh, I think it is a terrific idea. It would be right across the street from the Northside Tavern, adjacent to the parking lot run by the NBA. A good central location. Another good location might be down by the bank, on Palm, the street just north of Hoffner Park.
As far as the loop locator, I don't ride in the street in that area. Motorists through there are complete loons. Praise the NAACP/COA T for their patented campaign of fear & lies that got red light cameras banned. That area is ripe for monitoring/enforcement.
Thanks to UrbanCincy for locating the video.

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