Monday, November 23, 2009

Would You Work on This Guy's iBook ?

Thinking different

The Consumerist has reported that Apple techs have refused to work on computers that have been exposed to excessive cigarette smoke. They claim it is a bio-hazard. It might be gross & the goop might actually damage the computer, but I doubt it is a bio-hazard. When I was a lad & started fooling around in radio at WYSO, WUSO & Bruce's Jolly Roger, I was instructed not to smoke around the electronics. At Jolly Roger it was more an issue that Bruce's parents would have killed us for smoking in his bedroom. Anyway, growing up in a house full of chain smokers I saw the yellowy brown residue everywhere, most notably on windows.
So, if you spend a lot of time tokin' up and zoning out on your iTunes Visualizer, I guess you can expect your Apple warranty to be voided. The kids at the genius bar putting on haz-mat suits might be worth it, tho.

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