Thursday, October 21, 2010

Don't Vote ?

A Republican Latino organization in Nevada, Latinos for Reform, produced an ad urging Latinos to simply not vote because Democrats didn't pass an immigration reform bill in the last 2 years.
Be careful what you wish for...
The network, Univision, refused to air the ad. Instant gratification & shameless partisanship aside, is not voting a good solution?
If you simply don't vote, the politicians write you off. If you make a protest vote for the "other" corporate party, like a Borg drone, you get absorbed into their "continuum". A protest vote or an earnest vote for a 3rd party won't matter much today but the more of these votes registered, the more attention the corpo-parties will take. They have already gone to great lengths to restrict ballot access & debate eligibility in an effort to silence dissent.
You have to vote to make any difference. I am not sure what happens if a ballot is entered empty but that might be an option, too. In the last presidential election I voted for a lot of stuff but I left the presidential options blank. Did anybody notice? beats me
Thing is, if you are not counted, you don't count.
Here's an English version of the ad FWIW.

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COAST said...

Spoken like a true Libertarian. Don't waste your vote!
Good advice.