Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Looks like COA T got caught sitting on their hands. The result? Sue for taxpayer dollars. COA T regularly can't win in the normal electoral process so it needs to go for lawsuits & misrepresenting ballot issues all done while taking advantage of the local Republican press.
Hughes High School students were bused on school time in non-school (church) buses to the HamCo BOE to vote early. At the BOE they were presented with Democrat sample ballots by an independent person. Apparently COA T wasn't aware of this operation & weren't able to pass out their own literature, so a desperate Tom Brinkman (R), who knows he has little chance in his campaign against Dusty Rhodes, has had COA T's lawyers sue CPS.
Free money, free publicity, hell, even I hate CPS, so it gets people all worked up.
If the school had requested sample ballots to show the kids in the school, I don't know how that would go. Political nuts would probably swarm out of the woodwork like the religious nuts do over sex & religious education.
I am assuming the woman who handed out the sample ballots just happened to know about the event because she is ex-CPS & probably has casual associations with current CPS folks.
Frankly, the non-school buses concern me a little more than anything else in this story.
I do not think COA T is trying to suppress the vote as Mr Griffin suggests. In that event, they would be having the ballots destroyed while crying voter fraud.
I think a better lesson for the kids might have been to simply have them collect sample ballots & their "I Voted" stickers to prove they voted on election day.
Voting on election day brings citizens & neighbors together & helps build community. If there is a plot, I would say it's by the people who promote absentee voting in an effort to keep people isolated & unaware of differing points of view. Or that COA T & the Cinti NAACP have a mutual agenda of destroying public schools so they can better control the brainwashing of society. But that's just my paranoid rambling.

Fishwrap (R) story here.

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