Saturday, October 02, 2010

Northside House Tour

Sunday, October 3 marks the 20th anniversary Northside House Tour. XIII in fact. yeah, don't try to do the math....
This year's tour is less focussed on restoration & more on renovation. 12 buildings in all, the tour includes a store that had to be completely gutted to create a single family home and a church that once hosted a wedding on motorcycles and now houses an IT firm.
Most of the homes on the tour were remodeled by the owners, some pro, some not. One house was remodeled by CNCURC who has refurbished a few houses in Northside as well as built a couple LEED certified homes on a previously troublesome corner.
The tour runs from the east side of the neighborhood to the west & there are free vans to negotiate some of the longer walks between buildings. The route is about 2.4 miles & there are a lot of steps. There are also a lot of great views.
Tickets can be purchased at the door at The McKie Recreation Center, 1655 Chase Avenue on the third for $18 or today for $15 at:
Shake It Records
Taykor Jameson Hair Salon
North Side Bank & Trust
Building Value
and online here
Happen Inc., a family art organization, will be open & will be distributing wind chimes made by the kids to the first 50 - 75 people. CAIN & The Family Enrichment Center will also be open.
St Bonifave church is on the tour (after 1PM) and will be hosting an organ recital at 4PM.
As usual, there's plenty of good eats in Northside with brunches at Melt, Take the Cake, Honey, Ko Sho, The Comet, and Sidewinder Coffee & Teas. Later, The Comet & Mayday will be open with their regular menus & the Comet Bluegrass All Stars will be playing at The Comet around 8.

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