Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Is Chris Monzel a Good Representative ?

ex-Cincinnati Councilman David Crowley (D) introduced an "Environmental Justice" legislation that was narrowly passed with Monzel, a Spring Grove Village resident, in opposition. Councliman Berding (I) has introduced an effort to repeal the legislation & Monzel is in support.
FWIW, I think it is bad legislation & should be repealed.
On 10/26, in the City Council Quality of Life Committee, the president of the Spring Grove Village Community Council spoke out in opposition to the legislation's repeal citing how the neighborhood's environmental quality has suffered significantly in ways that the legislation was intended to prevent in the future.
Is this how Monzel would represent his community in the future?
Or will the "Son of the Suburbs" be leaving town shortly after he becomes a Hamilton County Commissioner?
I think it's safe to say Cincinnati will not be represented well with Monzel as a commisioner.

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BossSexy said...

I see your point, but Community Council Leadership (I'm looking at you, Westwood) is not necessarily a good gauge of the neighborhood as a whole.

However, this also raises the question if Council should be comprised of members from individual districts as well as at-large seats.