Thursday, October 21, 2010

Attack of the Vegan Zombies

Living in a neighborhood of neo-hippie vegans that's sandwiched between two good sized cemeteries, I have often wondered how these people would fare in the inevitable Zombie Uprising. I thought Attack of the Vegan Zombies might explore such a situation.
It did not.
It would have better been titled something like The Wrath of Dionysus or something. It is much more about sorcery than traditional Zombism.
It is a decent effort brought in for about $35k by Richmond, VA independent film maker Jim Townsend.
The plot embraces tried & true elements like horny young people, people holed up in a house, disagreements about how to deal with matters & so on. The adult acting is ok, the kids, well...
The sorceress mother is actually pretty good.
The plot involves a spell to improve the harvest at a vineyard that goes awry & the vines take over with a hankering for people who become "Zombies". Actually they become more like maenads, the worshippers of Dionysus, Greek god of the vine. The female lead, played aptly by Christine Egan, is even named Dionne. hint hint
Of course the guys gotta get Zombified /maenaded, too, so...
All in all, a fun movie. While Zombieish, it also has a strong supernatural thing going on, too, that is not normally seen in Zombie films.

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