Sunday, October 24, 2010

Does COA T Support Tax Dollars for Parochial Schools ?

Why does COA T want you to not vote for Denise Driehaus? On 10/22 the COA T blog gives us this:
"Denise Driehaus voted not once but 3 times FOR $60 MILLION in cuts to state funding for Catholic Schools"

Does COA T arrogantly believe that the Protestant Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Wiccans of Ohio should pay for their elite Catholic Schools when they don't even want to pay for their own kid's tuitions? Given the financial woes of the state, is this what we should be spending money on? Seems like they should admire her courage & fiscal conservatism. But, no - she's a Democrat & COA T is just a mouthpiece for the Republican party & apparently, the Roman Catholic church.
Remember this on November 5.
And there's more!
In the same article they admit to siding with the ACLU, the right to lie in political speech & big, intrusive government that tells women what they can & cannot do with their own bodies (AKA slavery).
If anybody ever tells you COA T is libertarian, rest assured, they are not.

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