Thursday, October 07, 2010

Captain Lust

popular sea chanty

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Back before VCRs & DVDs & such, porn was a little more professional. There were actually "stars", stories, direction, production values (ok, all borderline) and they were distributed through the theater circuit in the traditional way. Captain Lust was one of those movies. Produced in 1977 it told the tale of two rival pirate crews, one a crew of nasty men commanded by the evil Captain Lust (and the evil Cuntessa) & another, a crew of pirate women (with hearts of gold) led by some handsome captain dude, in a race to find a hidden treasure. Captain Lust has an advantage, however, in that he actually has a treasure map. The map is tattooed onto the penis of an idiot monk, Brother John and to read it he must be erect. To facilitate this they kidnap a nun and.....
The movie has it all. action, drama, passion, romance, & saucy pirate songs!
My friends & I decided to go out to the New Moon Drive In (now a mustard distribution facility) to see the movie. We had had a keg party the night before & had not finished the keg (yeah, we were slackers), so we loaded it into a van, packed up some lawn chairs & went to the drive in.
We hoisted brews, sang along with the choruses & laughed at the close ups of genitalia on the 60 x 30 foot screen.
It was a memorable evening. Good friends, stale beer, overbuttered, oversalted popcorn, pirate songs & smut. What could be better?
Anyway, the industry didn't think much of archiving their work so when video tape & later DVDs came along Captain Lust seemed to be lost.
One notable actress from the movie, Sharon Mitchell, said many fans recalled the movie fondly for years. She ended her career in porn after being viciously raped. She went on to get a PHD in sexuality & started up the AIM Healthcare Foundation that helps performers in the porn industry deal with physical & mental health issues.
Anyway, in searching for this movie I did find a picture of a DVD cover but it was on a Russian website. Getting adult movies shipped to Cincinnati can be dicey, anyway. Finally, I found it on a torrent site & I am downloading as I type. At 1.2 KB/s (more like a trickle), I should have it sometime in mid October.

Anybody up for a pre-Halloween screening?
In my basement.
With the windows blacked out?

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