Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A COA T/CCV Vision For Libraries?

From the Film Agora

State budget cutting will have a profound impact on Ohio's libraries. Hamilton County, after creating a brand new $60+K job to cut red tape (instead of just cutting red tape), diverted $35+K from library funding as well. The Hamilton County Library has cut it's budget about 23% over the last decade as costs for materials, energy, maintenance & everything else have increased. Recently Cincinnati transferred all their materials for the blind to Cleveland. The state has now cut $5 million from libraries for access to that material. Presumably there's a lot of recorded media in that collection.
Looking at places to cut, Tom Brinkman of COA T, CCV, Make Let Ohio Vote, Article XII, etc. proposes eliminating movies and music.
"They've gotten too far away from their core mission which is providing reading material and materials to help people do research and improve their lives,"
It's not a core mission issue, it's a technology issue. In the olden days there wasn't much in the way of film the average shmoe could watch at home. Nowadays all sorts of documentaries are made and distributed on DVD. Music has been available in libraries for years on vinyl, tape and now CDs are in the mix. Libraries have existed for centuries originally housing clay tablets inscribed with cuneiform, later, scrolls of papyrus were used. Papyrus was pretty easily destroyed, heck, it destroys itself but the fires and sackings of the libraries of Alexandria are famous. One of the famous destructions happened around 400 when Christians took to destroying non-Christian works. This was depicted in the recent movie, Agora. Will Ohio's Christianist zealots use budgeting to mold Ohio's libraries to their vision? Is Brinkman's "core mission" code for a library system that promotes his anti-gay, anti-abortion, generally anti-sex agenda?

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