Saturday, July 23, 2011

Annual County Fair Ranting

2010 Clark Co. Fair Queen Amanda Haddix

Barely 2 days in a and the Clark County paper of record has two optimistic articles on their county fair and 52 80 98 133 282 photos.
This year the Hamilton County 4H has expressed their contempt, fear and loathing of the city of Cincinnati and boycotted the Hamilton County fair and held their own at an amusement park in western Hamilton County. The Fishwrap has 2 glowing articles & 1 picture about the 4H fair but no followup deeming it a success (other than a headline) or, as many commenters say, an abject failure - basically a club event. 4H hasn't been crowing about their fair on their website of FaceBook page. From the Fishwrap article, there's no evidence they even sent a reporter.
The Hamilton County Fair intends to go on without the 4H. There is no doubt the absence of the 4H will impact attendance negatively
I am numb to Liberal accusations of racism but the language the 4H, Hamilton County Extension Director , Tonya Horvath, and County Commissioner Greg Hartmann use in describing the city environs most certainly deserves the label. I never witnessed the hatred of the county seat from suburban and rural residents in Clark County like I have in Hamilton County. Add in the contempt from the local paper and their glee at fanning the flames of divisiveness… Perhaps the Fishwrap should change it's name to The Area Around Cincinnati Enquirer.
If a goal of 4H is to develop good citizens - running away & hiding isn't a good lesson.

Hamilton County Fair August 9-13
Clark County Fair July 22-29

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