Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Is John Kasich Suffering Dementia?

In a recent AP article, Kasich's erratic and often contradicting habits are discussed.
His animated mannerisms sound ominously like Sillyman's. Gayle Channing Tenenbaum's description, "it’s a rare day when Kasich doesn’t say something that surprises" is the kind of thing echoed by nurses in nursing homes full of Alzheimers patients. "It’s interesting to watch him because you just don’t know what particular thing he’s going to be grabbing onto at that particular moment".
The article further points out irrational, conflicting behavior, "He is candid yet secretive. He is acerbic yet personable. He quibbles over media access yet is omnipresent on Twitter and Fox. He’s made a cause of taking on public workers after spending most of his life as one". Compounded with what the article describes as a constantly manic demeanor, a disheveled appearance and not caring about personal consequences, it kinda makes a guy wonder if the new sheriff might just be suffering schizophrenia.

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