Saturday, July 09, 2011

Magic Mushrooms

From the beginning, the shooting of David "Bones" Hebert
circumstances have been sketchy. This call is what got police involved. While Hebert was extremely intoxicated at the time, a person's drunken behavior, while different from his sober behavior, is usually pretty consistent. As he had no reputation for violence the idea of him attacking a police officer is kinda suspect. With a .33 BAC, his staggering or stumbling makes perfect sense. The wildcard was that he was reportedly on "Magic Mushrooms" too. What one usually finds around here is Psilocybe cubensis - Psilocybin mushrooms. It's a hallucinogenic that is really just kinda like pot on steroids. But there's another kind of mushroom, Amanita muscaria, which is a little more intense and can cause "bouts of marked agitation with confusion, hallucinations, and irritability followed by periods of central nervous system depression".
After almost 3 months autopsy toxicology reports verify Bones had "Psychedelic Mushrooms" in his system - but what kind? That'd be too much to ask our local media.
Unless the mushrooms in question were the Amanita muscaria type, it sounds like the incident was likely the result of an over zealous police officer misinterpreting a highly intoxicated person's erratic movements.
Bonesfest will continue tonight at Bogart's and tomorrow, 7/10, in Hoffner Park

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