Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Harry's Law

The Fishwrap reports that the TV show Harry's Law will be making more of an effort to establish itself in Cincinnati in it's second season. They have taken area glamour footage of the usual landmarks & are targeting Arnold's as a bar location that will be recreated in far off TV land.
I wanted to like this show. I like Kathy Bates ok & some of the creator's other shows have been ok. The thing is Cincinnati is a goddamn soap opera in itself. The producers of the show have focused on 60s liberalism crap with saint-like poor black people & demonic wealthy white people. If the second season doesn't take some shots at Ohio's "new sheriff", I would be amazed. But the first season's homage to Cincinnati & Ohio were some Ohio flags in the background and a shot of the city skyline shot from KY but depicted as from OH. Unfortunately they completely skip the border town nature of the city. Not even a mention of the neighborhoods.
The local NFL team is rated the worst in the league & leader in arrests in the league. That's gotta be good for something. The real life cartoon characters of Tom Luken, Chris Smitherman & Bill Cunningham would fit right in. The liberal & idealistic causes of things like The Drop Inn Center, NURFC, The Museum Center & The Gamble House would be right up Harry's alley. The CCV, COA T, The Creation Museum? A field day. They should, at least, have some copies of StreetVibes lying around the office.
This town is a goldmine for the producers of Harry's Law. All they have to do is subscribe to the Fishwrap.

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Hahaha. Like the picture.