Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I’d rather be a laid-off municipal employee than a private sector worker

boy, at a time when public sector labor unions are getting major scrutiny, this is about the last thing they need.
A City of Cincinnati worker with a history of writing bad checks, running stop signs, theft by deception and working for Tom Luken was obviously the right person to head up a local city workers labor union, CODE.
She's been accused of siphoning off over $750,000 from the 800 member union over it's 8 year history & right before her indictment she goes off on a "vacation" that nobody seems to know about. She explained that away handily saying the other union members were "idiots".
Hope the Harry's Law folks are watching.

Fishwrap "missing" story here.

Fishwrap "indictment" story here.

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