Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lance - My 2¢
I never liked Lance Armstrong. Greg LeMond? - I liked him. Armstrong always came off as a self serving arrogant jerk. I don't even care about doping - maybe it is rampant in pro cycling (& every other sport). An example of what really irked me, and I am not a big Sheryl Crow fan, was the way the egomaniac would barge onto her stage, maul her and act like he was the natural center of attention. I never understood why she didn't punch him in the neck - it was her stage. Hell, that's what he would have done to her if she crashed into one of his races & mauled him.
I can only imagine his "coming clean" & grandstanding with Oprah (who I also never liked) is to prime the public for a 'tell all' book that he will use to take down with him as many people as possible.
This article kinda nails it although I am into cycling in general & not really into pro sports of any kind.


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