Tuesday, December 17, 2013


This swim club I belonged to as a kid - not a country club, more of a workingman's - WHITE workingman's recreation club, had a goldfish pond and a fish food dispenser thingie that you could plop a nickel into, like a gum machine, and get a small handful of fish food pellets.
When you'd throw the pellets, one by one into the water, the goldfish would be all over each other to catch a pellet or two.
It was kinda mean.
My buddy took the meanness & cheapness up or maybe down a notch. He didn't bother paying a nickel, he just threw pebbles into the water & let the fish fight over nothing. He would laugh and laugh and laugh.
He also got off on feeling up my dog's tits when she was pregnant.
Anyway, I am seeing Larry's mindset in John Cranley as he routinely plays streetcar supporters - tossing them pebbles.
Fuckin' with fish ain't the same as fuckin' with people.

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