Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Torture 101

Torture is primarily a psychological thing. Beating the crap out of somebody is less effective (& a lot more work) than slugging somebody a couple times and threatening to beat the torturee to a pulp. Ultimately the torturee needs to think he can gain freedom by cooperation. If he believes he is doomed he might lie, clam up or try something heroic. You don't even need to use violence on the torturee. You can tell him he is about to be released and, at the last minute, tell him things didn't work out - can you offer this one bit of info, please?
In the end, the torturer has to expect to free his prisoner and must decide what message he wants to send. Does the prisoner go free looking healthy and unharmed or does the torturer want to send a message to other would be opponents and release the prisoner crippled with a noticeable injury, a limp, a missing eye or finger.
We can expect to see how John Cranley will handle that last part in the coming weeks & months.

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