Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Cincinnati is NOT Open for Business

In less than 3 days Cincinnati's John Cranley & his Gang of Five has established Cincinnati as possibly the worst city in the midwest to do business with. Their actions have been worse than David Crowley's Environmental Justice legislation. Toss in John Kasich's corrupt economic development scheme & I don't know why anybody would come anywhere near the Buckeye state let alone the Queen City to invest.
While the obsession with killing the Cincinnati streetcar may be aimed at killing Mark Mallory's legacy, this recent move is also going to demolish any of his efforts to lure foreign investment to the city. Why would anyone from China, Germany or Spain ever want to invest in such an unstable political climate? While making the city a horrible place for investors has been a long term goal of CO    and the NA CP, their chaos is now institutionalized.
The U.S. is expected to benefit from tens of billions of dollars in foreign investment in the next ten years. Cincinnati has killed any prospect of reaping any benefit from that for at least four.
The next generation of Cincinnatians will have a bleak future for sure.

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