Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Mad Todd

Ed Fitzgerald, a Cuyahoga boy, knew he had no statewide name recognition when he decided to run for governor, so he started last summer. Todd Portune, a Hamilton County boy just kinda pulled his candidacy outta his ass at the last minute. Name recognition schlame recognition…
Portune, when queried on the issue, cited the filing deadline was what was important. A perfect technocrat response.
Fitzgerald's claim to fame is as a good government guy having rooted out corruption in Chicago & Clevo. After 4 years of Kasich, there's probably plenty of work to be done in that department in Columbus these days.
Todd Portune has a thing about railroad park & rides. The 2 major parties have allegedly rigged brokered elections to keep him (& others) in office. I seriously used to like the guy but he's just appearing kinda worn out & just coasting.
So, why the challenge? Might there be conspiracy afoot? BiC certaily hopes so.
Could be the Green TWP GOP is putting Portune up to this. Could be the state Dems are putting Portune up to this, thinking the debate would improve Fitzgerald's name recognition and the run would put another line in Portune's Wikipedia page.
Or is it Portune's ploy to get on as Fitzgerld's Lt Governor?
Whatever, Kasich's bombasticness is most likely to win in 2014.

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