Saturday, December 07, 2013

Cranley's Fractured Fairy Tales

Bad to Bizarre
Interesting that John Cranley doesn't like / trust any of the info that's come out of city hall in the last 8 years except one memo that's 'just right'.
Interesting how he spins his communication with the Feds as if they are acquiescing to him
At our request, they have decided to hold off of on canceling the streetcar project until midnight on December 19th in order to allow the City to make a final decision. I appreciate their patience and collaboration on this important policy decision
When it actually sounds a bit more like a smackdown
[the city has breached the city and SORTA's grant agreement in] an unprecedented action to suspend a federally funded transit project while it is currently under construction. Unless this action is reversed and I receive not later than midnight on Dec. 19, 2013 unequivocal assurances that the city will proceed with the project to completion on the current FTA-approved schedule, FTA will immediately terminate all of its grant obligations for the project and initiate a debt collection action to recover money owed
If this guy was Pinocchio, he'd need a brace of some kind to hold his head up.

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Anonymous said...

If Cranley leaked the document and it appears that he did is leaking a sealed document by an attorney a cause for an ethics investigation or disbarment?

Quimbob said...

The crack addicted legal staff at BiC believes the memo is protected by lawyer/client privilege. If Cranley is the chief representative of the city, he can do whatever he wants with it.
Then, again, the client might be the city manager...