Monday, December 09, 2013

Is John Cranley Even Lying to Himself ?

Bad to Bizarre
As Cincinnati's mad mayor had to get even with councilmemebers who called out his gangland style leadership during his first week in power, he as one might expect, lied through his teeth.
And we opened up government. People could be heard. Speakers were not limited as in the past and I listened carefully to everyone. Council members could freely express themselves, and actually introduce motions that will get a full hearing.
Seriously? Every public speaker was limited to 2 minutes & council members, if agreeable, had 6. Of course if you didn't agree with the mad king…
Cranley's description stands in stark contrast to how other people there saw it.
Cranley’s first week lacked structure, included attempts to purposefully silence the voters of Cincinnati and elected members of council
Is Cranley capable of telling the truth? Is he even lying to himself?

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