Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Green TWP GOP

The gift that keeps on giving

The never ending font of corruption, nepotism, incompetence & right wing douchebaggery of the Green Township GOP, the latest gem is the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts, tasked with maintaining court records, couldn't keep the office's domain name registered. If Tracy Winkler's name sounds familiar, it should, the Winkler family makes up about half the local judiciary. You might recall the judges were cited for lavish spending in their courtrooms & for going off on costly seminars & conventions at posh resorts while Hamilton county was facing deficits and making draconian cuts to the budget and laying off employees.
This is also the township the Terhars call home. A husband & wife wrecking crew, Mr terhar was virtually handed a seat on the Ohio General assembly while Mrs Terhar, after winning a seat on the Ohio school board, was virtually handed the presidency of that board by powerful GOPers like John Kasich. Qualifications be damned. She was recently caught making ridiculous statements regarding the President being akin to Hitler even though the actions attributed to Hitler were false and any Ohio high school graduate should have known that. Meanwhile Mr Terhar has been merrily working to restrict voting, restrict womens' health options, promote gerrymandering & opaqueness (in the name of transparency) in politics, etc.
How did Terhar, a man with virtually no political experience get the gig? His wife turned it down when the GOP had to replace another Green TWP resident Robert Mecklenborg, who got busted driving drunk, pumped full of Viagra on an expired drivers license in Indiana in he company of a stripper about 1/3 his age. "old family friend"? hell, even his wife called BS on that one.
Green Township trustees demanded SORTA keep their damned buses off their turf because they didn't want "those people" coming into their beautiful little Utopia.
But that's not the only threat they have faced. One of Green Township's best managed to get on as president of Hamilton County's CMHA where he slammed Cincinnati's Hyde Park neighborhood with Section 8 housing and blocked any Section 8 in his home township. This all fell apart, however when HUD found out & demanded Green Township take on their fair share. Residents howled about their victimization (Hyde Park's didn't matter) and Steve Chabot, R Westwood, ran to their side & then walked away.
Back to that board of trustees. After advertising for a secretary - stating necessary qualifications & posting a deadline for applications - hired a woman sorely lacking in qualifications and who submitted her application past the deadline. It turned out she was the ex-wife of a prominent GOPer.
Back in August, 2013, folks in Green Township, drunk with their self importance, called in a grocery bag as an obvious terrorist bomb threat - because terrorists really give a fuck about Green Township. And while the residents see fit to complain about Morticia Addams' attire, bonfires of Democrat yard signs are AOK.
I thought Tremont City in Ohio's Clark County was the drama capitol of the world, but Green Township…

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