Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Humor in Disaster

As I have mentioned before, Horror Sells. Well, there's also humor in disaster. Heck, that's basically the whole idea behind slapstick. Take laurel & Hardy or the Three Stoofes, their pain & suffering was hilarious. In the past we enjoyed the humor of war. Hilarious romps in the South Pacific WWII in McHale's Navy, the raascally shenanigans Nazi POWs had in Hogan's Heroes, thie hyjinks of the Korean War in MASH, Viet Nam in Catch 22.
There's even more fun in apocalypse movies like This is the End & Shaun of the Dead.
Who can't forget the Cold War laugh riot, Dr Strangelove? The futuristic dark slapstick of Sleeper?
OK, so why the uproar about a comedy set in the Irish Potato Famine?
Monty Python set all sorts of humor against the backdrop of medieval poverty & desperation, the Spanish Inquisition, slavery & whatnot. What's changed?
Is it the rise of mamby pambyism or is it just plummeting self confidence fueled by 'liberal' self hatred?

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