Thursday, January 08, 2015

The Republic of Cincinnati

Having no interest in professional sports, it's not often that I read any sports articles especially ones written by someone named "Doc".
This story, however looks at a sports issue in Cincinnati - that the Porktowners don't give a crap about OSU sports.
Well, yeah, but for the most part, Cincinnatians don't give much of a rodent's rear about Ohio in general. When I first moved to the Queen City about 30 years ago, I thought I had moved to an extension of Kentucky. Later I realized I was just in an Ohio community that has no relation to Ohio. I have been told Northern Kentucky has little to do with mainland Kentucky as well.
This doesn't do Cincinnati to well in Ohio politics. Heck, we have fat ugly suburbanite legislators who single Cincinnati out for the denial of funding. And nobody else in Columbus seemed to have had an issue with it.
As a lawmaker, ex Cincinnati mayor Charlie Luken has brought up the disconnect.
Ask yourself, how often do you see an Ohio flag flying in Cincinnati? There's probably more UK flags flying. But up in Dayton, Urbana, Tremont City & Columbus, it's pretty common.
A new state with the border of I275 would probably make a lot of sense. This 'Doc' character has only scratched the surface of this area's alienation from it's states.

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