Tuesday, January 06, 2015

The Holy Order of the GOP

These guys get at what I call, The Holy Order of the GOP. They get at why youngun's aren't going to the old churches. Schaeffer is, apparently an Eastern Orthodox Christian which kinda sets him apart with the wild evangelical christians even tho he & his parents were involved with establishing 'The Moral Majority' movement.
Frankly I see the same movement under many names, The Silent Majority, The Moral Majority, Neocons, The Tea Party... All basically the same & changing nuances over time to take over a political party. The fervor of the GOP is a good match for these guys. The corporate message that resonates in the religioustic orders is both silly and frightening.
Anyway, I'm no great fan of these guys but they're pretty right on this.

You can see more of Schaeffer's shit on Patheos

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