Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ideology & Horror

This is an odd test about psychology & ideology.
I tend to believe that people who hate themselves tend to swing left, people who swing right have a tendency towards paranoia & agoraphobia. This is my opinion based on my studies at the Van Pelt school of psychology.
In the article it states:
One finding? That conservatives respond much more rapidly to threatening and aversive stimuli (for instance, images of "a very large spider on the face of a frightened person, a dazed individual with a bloody face, and an open wound with maggots in it,"
This intrigues me since I am a big horror fan. While I might respond rapidly to some of these images, it would be with a, "WOAH! Cool!" and not with a knee jerk revulsion. Not sure what the scientists were looking for.
I tend to see myself as more of an old school conservative and not the paranoid reactionary type that claims the description today. I see the so called modern liberal as being more closed minded, insular and controlling and not open to new things at all.
Ravi Iyer of the University of Southern California), who note that "successfully monitoring and attending negative features of the environment, as conservatives tend to do, may be just the sort of tractable task…that is more likely to lead to a fulfilling and happy life than is a constant search for new experience after new experience."
Unfortunately, I think these scientists are taking a fairly biased view here based on popular society.
Of course that is the society we live in, so...

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