Thursday, January 22, 2015

Steve Chabot - Nosferatu

In Steve Chabot's latest blogpost, he turns to (sophomoric) humor to debate with himself whether the GOP is dead or not.
While the GOP can field candidates and, when lazy ass Democrats don't bother to vote, win elections, he's not really getting to the real point of the party's life or death.
Apparently, Steve Chabot doesn't know the difference between a zombie & a real live person. But the old GOP was eviscerated by right wing southern Democrats decades ago who pounced on the floundering party like maggots on rotting flesh.
Now, as the Republican Party shambles on, dropping bits & pieces of rotting flesh along the way, it's clear that all that animates it's rotting husk is some maleficent spiritual parasite and not the vibrant soul that once gave it birth. Chabot, of course doesn't grasp this and hears the garbled mutterings of the party as anything he wants. His relation to the party is like Norman Bates' relation to his mother - tormented but always wanting to please - trapped in time.

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