Saturday, January 17, 2015

I'm Blaming the Messenger

Sometimes it's hard to be a booster. Giving all your love to just one hood. You'll have bad times and it will have good times,
Coming up with videos you can't understand...
OK, I have posted some crappy videos promoting Helltown but this one really stinks. It's 2:18 long. Any broadcaster, even the Fountain Square Not-So-Jumbotron wants even times, :15, :30, 1:00....
It lists 4 businesses & no organizations, no churches. The testimonies are vague, some of the grammar is bad and nobody is actually identified. The fade in on the text looks like some kind of retinopathy blind spot.
And what is up with the weird initial font?
It's Northside, not North Side. That's ,like, Sharonville or something.
Sure it's just north of UC but it has easy highway access & easy downtown access. It has great bus connectivity as well as bicycle connectivity.
The over repetition at the end blows & the music just cutting off is ridiculous. It could have faded out or the video could have been lengthened or shortened to fit the music.
I shouldn't be a jerk but it's kinda like in Mad Men when the guy wants to sell Jaguar's like used Fords on the radio, ya know?
oh, well, guess I'm just a prudish snob.

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