Thursday, July 08, 2010

Changing Plans for America's Cemeteries

For years, probably over a century, Crawford Avenue has been separated from Spring Grove Cemetery by a stately brick wall. Over the years, due in part to water runoff & ponding, the wall has become less & less stable. Portions have been torn down & been replaced with beautiful black cyclone fence.

This guy has been sitting dormant for awhile. It's Cincinnati - people leave stuff.....

Anyway, last night I spotted this & put 2+2 together.

This morning. At this time I don't know if they are planning on just finishing the rest off or not.
In the fall you could hear the residents sitting on the wall chatting & joking. Dunno if the fence will be as conducive to conversation.


After an extensive interview with one of the dmolition specialists, I have found that the entire north end of the wall extending from about Bercliff up to the gate will be demolished. I am guessing the southern section near the Sam Hannaford designed garage is ok. Should I be a complete geek & get one of the bricks?

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