Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Top 10 Robo-Cyborg-Android Chicks

Because chicks that whir, click, buzz, beep & clank are just HOT!
If I really thought about it I would probably re-order these listings. If I was a Forbes editor I would throw darts in the dark.


Tekla from the Mainframe animated series Shadow Raiders Played a main role in the first episode & spent most of the rest of the series lying around circling the drain.



Jocasta was created by Ultron who was created by Hank Pym (Goliath / Ant Man) using Janet van Dyne's (The Wasp & Hank Pym's wife) brain waves to be used to attack Pym. Pym re-programmed her & brought her back to life & she joined The Avengers only to turn on them when Ultron triggered her old programming with a remote control and and and
She was a Marvel character, what can I say?
I love the riveted garter!


The Bionic Woman

The original - Lindsay Wagner. With her bionic legs & arm she could easily lift a small car. So why didn't her non bionic spine snap like a twig? Praise Wolverton.


Motoko Kusanagi

From Ghost in the Shell 1 & 2, Motoko has to wrestle with her mechanical & personal sides while running around shooting bad guys and jumping off skyscrapers in teeming Japanese metropolises. YAY!


The Mudd Twins

Harcourt Fenton Mudd lands on a planet full of androids & creates Alices 1-250 & 250 - 500 played by twins Alyce anh Rhae Andrece.


Aphrodite IX

Aphrodite IX is an android hit woman who isn't too keen on her job & wrestles with her mechanical & personal sides while running around killing people & jumping through windows & such.


7 of 9

The Borg chick who gets adopted by The Voyager crew & gradually becomes a regular Jane. While the Borg mantra was, "Resistance is futile", 7's was "I will not comply".


The Machine Girl

The Machine Girl gets beaten and mutilated after her brother is killed by a gang & garage mechanics fit her up with a prosthetic gatling gun for her amputated forearm. Talk about lemonade outta lemons.



The mother of all hot robot chicks, Rotwang globbed the features of Maria on her & messed her all up. Trivia tid - the actress who played Maria also played the robot.


The Borg Queen

OK, I'll admit it, the whole cyborg / zombie thing just really works for me. Add in the interchangeable parts & it's like George Romero meets Eli Whitney.
And of course I have to tip my hat to all of H.R. Giger's crazy ass alien zombie robo mamas and Sorayama's scrawny chrome gynoids, too.


Teresa said...

The Harry Mudd episode with the women who had to take beauty pills or else turn ugly, one of those Mudd girls, the leader, was in an old movie on TCM a couple of months ago. She looked and acted exactly the same.

Quimbob said...

Are you thinking about the Star Trek series with Rod Serling playing the captain?

Teresa said...

It's called Mudd's Women.

Bob Baylor said...

Gotta admit, I've always thought 7 of 9 and the Borg Queen were both hot!