Saturday, July 31, 2010

Doesn't That Stink

WCPO's John Matarese exposes big music industry practices that deny fans good seats.
Back in the general admission (festival seating) days, fans would camp out at the concert site to get a front row seat. Of course they were all taken already by folks who got tickets from friends of the bands, promoters, radio stations & contest winners & such. Nothing new there. The later release of good tickets that Matarese mentions is pretty weird, tho.
Back in the 70s, big music industry practices that treated the fn like poo led to a surly backlash called punk, a raucus grassroots uprising that hit the big music industry like a jail on wheels. It was hard back then because there were few venues for local bands to play. The legacy of the original punk scene, of course, is a lot of venues for local music.
I can only really address rock music but Cincinnati is blessed with a decent local rock scene in both musicians & venues. Would you rather sit in a damp field out in the middle of nowhere on a hot muggy night listening to a band playing oldies (that you would prefer to hear on records) policed by capricious goons and infested by mosquitoes or go to a lively neighborhood with numerous activities & hear a guy play theremin or hear a jazz band at a club where the bandleader's wife is cooking dinner?
To hell with corporate music and it's goofy practices. I'm sorry the jonas Brothers had to cancel but if you want to hear somebody play an SG, go see Wussy.


Teresa Shouvlin said...

This week, Riverbend sent me two free tickets with free parking to the Jonas Brothers simply because I was a Sunlite Pool member.

Quimbob said...

Screw Nick. Praise Lisa.