Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lois Smith

I have not read the True Blood books by Charlaine Harris but I have been watching the TV series on DVD. I alternate between Route 66, True Blood & dumb action horror movies.
While it's clear Sookie Stackhouse has inherited her telepathic powers it is not clear what is going on with her ancestry. Imagine my surprise when I spotted granma Adele in a 1962 Route 66 episode, "Only by Cunning Glimpses", as a second generation psychic named Brycie.
All is clear now.
Congratulations to Lois Smith on a 5 decade acting career. Hope there's more to come & given the nature of True Blood, she might even show up there again. Who knows?
yeah, the people who have read the books.....

Only by Cunning Glimpses is on Route 66 Season 3 Disk 3
and it's in CLEVELAND !

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this is a very intersting piece, i like it