Monday, July 05, 2010

Baking Day Has Become An Iridescent Dream

I clean the house every 5-10 years wether it needs it or not. I am finding so much weird shit.....
This sucker never got put away since MDCCCXCVII. It cost a daggone dime & it's basically an ad. It has all sorts of "things to do" for the housewife who will have so much free time on her hands with her new, I think, wood oven. And it claims to make food taste just as good as grandma's brick oven!
I have absolutely no clue where this thing came from. Or why baking day - nevermind, that's just weird.


Teresa Shouvlin said...

Wow, check out what I blogged yesterday and you will be amazed at the similarities.

Quimbob said...

I saw that
We need to quit drinking out of the same bottle.