Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Motor City is Burning

43 years ago Detroit broke out in riots. Flaring up July 23, it boiled over on the 24th & gradually flamed out over the next couple days. It brought out not only the Detroit Police but the Michigan State Troopers, Michigan National Guard and the U.S. Army as well.
This video, set to the tune of The MC5's cover of John Lee Hooker's "The Motor City's Burning" incorporates news footage & footage from some low budget / made for TV / black exploitation movie to great dramatic effect. It would have been better without the dramatization....
Even without the riots Detroit would have eventually lost it's manufacturing base but the riots spurred massive "white flight" as the notion of emotional, violent negroes was reinforced in their minds. In the end of the vid there is a quote from Mao on revolution. A riot, of course, is not a revolution, it is an unorganized outburst.
As Jello Biafra pegged it, "RIOT - The Unbeatable High".
This video, made by "Dukowski" is on YouTube here but it's all distorted. I have tried to rectify that.

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