Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dealing With the Devil

Will Ohio's recent deal with animal rights activists give Ohio peace?
Not likely.
Look at California again & we see
the Governor has signed a new bill holding out-of-state producers to the same standards California producers are held to under the misrepresented Proposition 2. Will this be the next deal Strickland makes with the animal rights extremists? Will Ohio's Faustian Bargains affect Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan, too?
HSUS is not an animal welfare organization. They are not concerned with the well being of animals & they object to pet ownership as well. For these extremists a dog kennel = a puppy mill.
While Strickland's Neville Chamberlain style strategy of appeasement is ill advised, he still stands head & shoulders over Republican Schwarzenegger morally.
Be sure to see The Expendables!
Anybody remember this promise? I guess everything is ok now that the chickens are happy.


Anonymous said...

The only way to deal with HSUS is to not compromise at all. Do not let them into your state because they will not stop until they are happy ( and we still don't know what that takes) and any form of animal ownership be it pets or ag is outlawed. don't let your state become the next CA or OH.

geebee said...

The Devil has a feather in his cap, you call that Evil?