Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jim Tarbell's Ad

Jim Tarbell has been walking a pretty lackluster campaign. Tarbell is pretty impressive when he gets fired up, but his normal demeanor doesn't do him much good as he is generally a kind of slow moving, slow talking guy who will think things through before talking. That is - he doesn't shoot from the hip with half baked ideas - an attribute the local paper likes about his opponent. Well, sure, it makes more news. I am sure the tabloids were crushed when Michael Dukakis didn't get elected president so we could watch his wife self destruct in the check out lanes at the grocery but is that how we should choose our representatives?
Tarbell has a nickname of Mr Cincinnati. great How's that play in the various townships? This ad would have been greatly improved with pictures in the background showing various highlights of the county. On his FaceBook page he has some really bad cell phone shots of a few places around the county that are about unrecognizable. Most people want vibrant color pictures. People depict their opponents in monochrome /flat color in their attack ads for Pete's sake. The recording is weak, the lighting is uninspired & the camera angle could be better. He sounds like he is talking to a camera.
I guess we might as well start getting used to GOP tool, Kid Monzel...


Anonymous said...

As someone who watches the tv spots for their advertising qualities, I have to say that I appreciate seeing a spot that doesn't smear the opponent. Smear tactics are tiring. It's not been a good political season for those of us in Advertising. Embarrassing. Sad that political spots don't get the scrutiny given "real" advertising by the BBB and FTC and FCC.

Quimbob said...

You are absolutely right. I should have brought that up.
Tarbell IS a class act & definitely deserves the job over Monzel, but I think the voters want a bit of ass kissing & sizzle & this ad ain't got it.
It could have been added in really easily, too.