Sunday, November 27, 2011

Anonymous Commenting

The Porkopolis Fishwrap has announced it will "end anonymous commenting" by forcing would be commenters to register with FaceBook.
Anybody who follows the comments knows who the regulars are & what to expect from them. I imagine it can be pretty shocking for someone who isn't used to the wholesale sociopathy that is SW Ohio to read the comments on an article about their kids or local school or charity. That's ok. They probably wouldn't have returned to the mosh pit anyway.
UPDATE: yeesh around 1,400 comments - 98% negative.
Anyhoo, if you don't want to participate in an online dialogue on local current issues the FishBook way there's lots of other choices.
For example:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Custom9 here.

I'm out shopping for an alternative site to bump into the crew of non-farce book refugees run out by the new world order over at "The Dick and Jane Daily" [we have always called it that at our house, btw.]

Quimbob, I liked the header about the retail places that won't pepper spray you if you shop there...funny man!

I'll stop back to see if there is any migration or just browse... as you might have noticed I generally only posted at site once in a while.

I sure am not going to get a FB account in my name which is one of those Kraut names that only 3 households have in the country and none exist even in Germany due to the sense of humor the officials had at Ellis Island back in the 1920's, when that side of the family made the trip. I might get a bogus account there [FB] just to see how that works.. Any tips?

I did open a FB account in my name when they first started but I don't remember the password and my wife says she can't find the page... it got"swallered" up by the bit bucket I guess.

Have a good one! I've been on this box too long make the spouse happy... got to run..

Till then,,,