Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Election Analysis

Because you know you come here for the hard hitting, in depth analysis…..
How come the votes on electric aggregation & gas aggregation were different? weird.
I really thought 2 & 3 would sink or swim together. whatever
hey, Chris, Kevin, Amy, Leslie, Wayne, Jason, Mike, Nick, Cathy, Pat, Kathy, Jacqueline, Sandra! How's it feel to be less popular than a lunatic? Hey Orlando! How's it feel to get beat by 2?
Despite being exdorsed by the Fishwrap, COA T & me, freakin' Cecil Thomas came in 4th! I mean WOW, just WOW. Has anybody seen this guy run a committee meeting?
And some non-committal rich kid, who LOVES Cincinnati, placed 2nd!
This has gotta be the most liberal council in years.
And North College Hill re-elected the same guy they have had for mayor for 28 years? Talk about the poster boy for term limits.

WKRC Election Results

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